Oshkosh Healthy Neighborhoods is sponsoring the Good Neighbor Grant through the generosity of the Oshkosh Area Community Foundation and in partnership with the City of Oshkosh. The goal of the grant is to encourage exterior improvements, on the street side, by property owners in Oshkosh. Oshkosh Healthy Neighborhoods approved 20 applications in 2020 and 40 in 2021. Good Neighbor Grant applications will be accepted April 15-June 15, 2024. Approved projects must be completed and receipts submitted within 5 months of approval. Property must be located in a recognized neighborhood and the project must comply with City ordinances.

Good Neighbor Grant process:

  1. Applications will be accepted April 15-June 15, 2024 (via mail or email).
  2. Submit application, a before picture and an estimated project budget to Oshkosh Healthy Neighborhoods.
  3. If approved (approval letters will be sent), proceed with project and save receipts.
  4. Upon completion of project, submit receipts and a picture of completed project.
  5. Oshkosh Healthy Neighborhoods will reimburse up to $750.00; after the first $250 paid by the applicant. Applicant must submit original receipts to receive reimbursement, no exceptions.

Enhance your homes curb appeal; great neighborhoods start with you





Living in a great neighborhood requires “Responsible Freedom” – to make choices in pursuit of our own interests and lifestyles which do not detract from the neighborhood as a whole by upholding laws, statutes and City of Oshkosh Municipal Codes (MC) and expecting the same of others!


The City’s Neighborhood Initiative is intended to concentrate resources (public and private) into participating areas to promote neighborhoods of choice in Oshkosh. The Neighborhood Initiative is carried out through the collaboration of various partners and programs. Together the partners treat a “neighborhood” as the customer and seek to strengthen neighborhood components to achieve outcomes in four areas: Image, Market, Physical Conditions, and Neighborhood Management. Various housing programs have been created to provide flexible financing to homeowners and investors located or looking to locate within participating neighborhoods.

City of Oshkosh housing rehabilitation loans and grants.